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How upGrowth Helped Scripbox to Achieve 198k Traffic Via Organic Medium in 2 Months with 8 Million Impressions

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Scripbox is an investment service that offers mutual funds and SIPs to help people meet their financial goals. According to research, the confidence level of an investor is an important consideration when dealing with how successful a mutual fund is - followed by financial illiteracy and low levels of awareness.

Story of triti

Identified Challenges

The goal was simple - increase traffic by +100K from the second month of the start of the project. To achieve this goal, we took the highest possible risk, using an experimentation-based SEO approach to get maximum growth.

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Empathy, Research, Brainstorming & Plan

When Scripbox approached upGrowth, they were generating a good amount of traffic. But they realised they could drive more business to their mutual funds with increased traffic. They wanted to ensure more people got introduced to the Scripbox brand via different SERP result types.


We narrowed down on 3 experiments to execute and generate the required high traffic in a short period of time.


  1. Pushing KWs from 11-30 rank to 1-10 rank
  2. Dominating SERPs with different result types for similar search queries
  3. Google Web Stories





upGrowth’s organic mixed-bag growth strategy paid off, resulting in +193K traffic in the second month, with 8 million impressions.


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