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How we Triumph the Fintech Client Expectations and Delivered CPL with Less than 56% Cost through Facebook Advertising

Moneyonclick Story

Access to formal credit is a big problem for a huge chunk of salaried people in India, getting unsecured loans is a herculean task. MoneyOnClick provides formal credits to the highly underserved working class of India. Their main agenda is to provide the right loan amount at reasonable interest rates with transparency at each step of evaluation, documentation, disbursal and recovery of the loan.

Identified Challenges

MOC is the newly launched brand in the Indian market, whenever a new BFSI sector is newly introduced, the main challenge is to gain trust and build a foundation of a strong empire digitally. Also, the budget allocated for social media was minimum and the main challenge was the expected CPL given my client was INR 25/- only. Within the constrained budget, we had to allocate a few amounts to branding indeed. And build tangible strategies while experimenting with the audience’s interest.

Empathy, Research, Brain Storming & Plan

We took this challenge as an opportunity, upGrowth has already worked with a renowned client of BFSI – Lendingkart and was able to achieve the milestone of 20% growth through Google Ads. Here although with Moneyonclick we had to target the niche and chunk out the target group which will not fit in the criteria of the personal loan under their terms.


The plan of action includes these parameters:

  1. Intensive brainstorming helped in targeting the niche and eligible target audience.
  2. Correct targeting with vernacular ad copies helped to decrease the CPL with quality leads.
  3. Minimalistic Approach in messaging with perks refined aesthetic helped to reach more people with a crisp brand image.
  4. Focused mainly on the used cases of the salaried target market, it also included segments of job title too.
  5. Experimentation with the bid strategy played success to achieve CPL <20 INR on the first day itself


Correct targeting with a minimalistic approach in messaging helped to achieve the CPL for the BFSI sector at <20 INR on the first day itself! We at upGrowth were able to deliver leads to less than 56% less cost. We were able to achieve a lesser CPL than what was expected in the goal.

upGrowth Solution

Cost per Lead
  • Before 25
  • After 11
  • Decreased by 56%
Total Conversions
  • Before 200
  • After 358
  • Increased by 79%
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