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How we Helped Merchter to generate 6+ ROAS within One Month!

Merchter Story

Merchter is a T-shirt E-commerce brand passionate to spread the joy of humor and positivity messages through their merchandise. The Merchter is highly equipped with all that is needed for a successful e-commerce merchandise brand, i.e print on demand, dropping shipping, exclusive designs, and operations.

Identified Challenges

Merchter is a newly launched brand in the market and it was a task to beat with the target market competitors. Reaching the correct target audience in this highly competitive segment is one of the biggest challenges in this segment. At that same time, we had to meet the expected ROAS of 6+ and build tangible strategies while experimenting with the audience’s interest.

Empathy, Research, Brain Storming & Plan

While the parent company of Merchter was already doing for B2B market, this was the first time they were launching into B2C segment. At this point, upGrowth had two main challenges to establish, first was the brand recognition and second the obviously the Sales!. It’s a totally different scenario to gauge and predict the taste of the consumer, the pricing and then the brand story, all these elements don’t play a role in B2B industry for our clients. This led us an opportunity to build an effective social media strategy to achieve our goal. Here are some of the important parameters we focussed to achieve the 6+ROAS in just a fortnight.


  1. We began with highly Laser targeted interest for the audience, reaching the niche where the designs are appreciated was the main agenda to post on our Facebook and Instagram Page.
  2. With extensive research, we were able to define the design strategy to implement with Merchter’s creative team to Supply the ‘print design’ for the market demand.
  3. We also knew the crucial part of branding where the credibility of Merchter will be established and ultimately create brand loyalty, we were 10000% on our quality of apparel we are selling at the most reasonable price. That’s when we focused on Single PPE Ads targeted towards our Laser targeted audience.
  4. Experimenting with various ad sets, helped us to know which demographics and ads are working best for us to build our asset.
  5. Next, we focused on Website Conversion Ads and Retargeting Sales that just boosted the ongoing sales happening with PPE


Laser-targeting helped the business grow by 20% more along with the other brand activities. Delivering the designs to the potential customers who liked our designs over the competitors is an achievement in a very short period of time.

upGrowth Solution

Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Before 800
  • After 150
  • Decreased by - 81.25%
Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS)
  • Before 1
  • After 6
  • Increased by + 500%
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