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How we Helped an Apparel Brand Reach $3 Million in Revenue in 5 months!

Apparel Brand Story

A socks manufacturing company looking to boost sales and scale up its online presence approached us.

Identified Challenges

Growth was flat for the client through the period from January 2020 to March 2020. However, after partnering with us, the brand saw a significant spike in sales from April onwards.

Empathy, Research, Brain Storming & Plan

A look at the sessions gives a picture of how there was an increase, with paid search contributing a significant chunk (43%) at 734,560 sessions. Direct visits to the website came in at number two, contributing 26% with 447, 679 sessions, indicating that the audience has quite a strong connect with the brand. Social and display ads brought in 13% and 7% of visits.


  • New sessions saw an increase of 74.8, but this time, the driver was direct traffic (86.14%) followed by paid search traffic (76.32%).
  • Social brought in 71.75% of new sessions, while organic search contributed a significant chunk at 63.07%.
  • Thanks to these tactics, we were able to increase transactions to over 26k and generate sales of $3,350,206.
  • These numbers indicate how a smart, dedicated paid campaign can bring invaluable leads and increase engagement and conversions.
  • With this strategy in place, the client was able to make over $3 million in sales over a 5-month period.



A 2-pronged strategy of paid search and social display ads targeted the right kind of customers and built a dedicated audience – thereby boosting traffic, transactions and sales. Are you looking for a way to ramp up your business? Then get in touch with us – we would be more than happy to create a winning strategy for your brand as well!

upGrowth Solution

  • Before - 85 K +
  • After - 10 Lac +
  • Increase by 1076 % within 5 months
  • Before - $ 1 Lac +
  • After - $ 3 Million +
  • Increase by 2900% within 5 months
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