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Industry : E-commerce | Provided Service : Inbound Marketing

How we Helped a Boutique Grow Steadily and Generate Revenue Upwards of $5 Million!


Our client, a couture boutique, approached us, they were looking to generate steady sales instead of relying on “one and done” customers

Identified Challenges

Couture is a tricky business – you need to target a very specific customer who is loyal to the brand, or find leads who know and understand what bespoke clothing is, and are willing to invest in such pieces.

Empathy, Research, Brain Storming & Plan

We managed to help our client get over 500k users in a span of 6 months. What’s important to note here is that free channels (direct + organic search) were in the top 3, accounting for 48% and 12% of the new users, respectively. Social also played a significant role, bringing in about 20% of the new users.



Organic search is still king, especially when it comes to niche products meant for an exclusive clientele. Combined with an enticing social media strategy, we were able to bring in new costumers for our client and generate more sales. If you are looking to increase conversions and enhance your digital footprint, we’re pretty sure we can help – leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you!

upGrowth Solution

  • Before 50000
  • After 250000
  • Increased by 500%
Conversion Rate in %
  • Before 1.5
  • After 4.5
  • Increase by 200%
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