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How we Decrease the ACoS Of XOOX by 35%


Crafting products that are in sync with the latest trends is a must for any lifestyle brand. One of our clients, XOOX, is a brand that offers customers stylish and comfy sheets. Their focus has always been to deliver quality sheets with a great aesthetic.

Identified Challenges

The challenge was to reduce the wasted spend, increase conversion rate & decrease ACoS while utilising the daily budget.

Empathy, Research, Brain Storming & Plan

When XOOX approached upGrowth, we had our work cut out for us: we needed to reduce the ACoS without affecting their monthly Amazon revenue. The solution? To create a scalable, multi-pronged strategy that would have long-term benefits for the client.


Here’s a snapshot of the main elements of our well-rounded, long-term Amazon PPC strategy:

  • We made sure that we bid on every available campaign/targeting type.
  • We adjusted the ad bids with respect to the keyword level ACoS/sales to keep the costs as low as possible without affecting efficiency.
  • After identifying the correlation between Amazon PPC & organic sales, we optimised the product listing with the paid keywords.
  • We did not go into the campaign with a predefined notion of what the bid adjustment should be. We went through extensive experimentation before we settled on the bid adjustment that worked best.
  • We also generated awareness about the brand through Sponsored Brand campaigns.
  • We did extensive experimentation and A/B testing with different keyword match types to ensure that we had the right one.


By optimising the product listings in paid search campaigns, and making a collective effort to generate awareness with sponsored brand campaigns, we were able to reduce the ACoS by 35% for XOOX.

upGrowth Solution

  • Before 62
  • After 40.3
  • Decrease by 35%
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