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How we Decrease the ACoS of Lifestyle Product Category by 49%, Increase Revenue by 6X and Increase the Total Number of Orders by 300%


Carrying beverages while you travel is not a feasible task. One has to keep the beverages cool throughout their journey. One of our client **t*** (data confidential due to contract) is helping customers by providing thermo-coolers.

Identified Challenges

When the brand approached upGrowth, they were already selling on Amazon. At this point, they realized that they could generate more sales from Amazon PPC Ads at a lower cost than they were running currently. They were at a point in their journey where they had figured out how to get sales, however, they now needed to scale up their business considerably and make sure that they didn’t massively increase their ACoS in the process.

Empathy, Research, Brain Storming & Plan

The goal was simple yet daunting. We needed to keep the ACoS as low as possible while still exhausting the entire Amazon PPC budget. We knew that we would have to build a multi-pronged, scalable strategy that would serve our clients well in the long run.


Here are some of the important elements of our holistic, long-term Amazon PPC strategy:



By optimizing the product listings in paid search campaigns, and making a concerted effort to generate awareness with sponsored brand campaigns, we were able to boost sales while making full use of the PPC budget. If you are looking for a scalable Amazon PPC strategy that will bring you long-term returns, we’d be happy to help. Just get in touch with us clicking on the button by filling out the form below!

upGrowth Solution

  • Before 29
  • After 15
  • Decreased by 49%
  • Before 26000
  • After 770000
  • Increased by 2861%
  • Before 981
  • After 32000
  • Increased by 3162%
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