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How we Achieved ACoS of <5% for Home and Appliance Product Category that every Amazon PPC Expert ever Dreamed of!


Keeping the products in-line with the latest fashion is the main strategy of any lifestyle brand. One of our client ****o*** (data confidential due to contract) is a brand that offers customers trending apparel. Their focus has always been to deliver up-to-date & quality apparels.

Identified Challenges

When the brand approached upGrowth, they were already selling on Amazon. As with any Amazon fashion store, they were facing immense competition, both organically & through paid. Thus, they end up wasting more money & efforts.

Empathy, Research, Brain Storming & Plan

As they approached us, the goal was simple yet daunting. We needed to keep the ACoS as low as possible while still exhausting the entire Amazon PPC budget. We knew that we would have to build a multi-pronged, scalable strategy that would serve our clients well in the long run.


Here are some of the important elements of our holistic, long-term Amazon PPC strategy:




Our holistic approach to the ad strategy paid rich dividends and the brand’s sales started increasing exponentially. In fact, the improvement in their Amazon PPC resulted in overall business growth by 10x while attaining the dream ACoS.

upGrowth Solution

  • Before 10
  • After 5.9
  • Decreased by 41%
  • Before 3000
  • After 6862.97
  • Increased by 128%
  • Before 100
  • After 174
  • Increased by 74%
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