YouTube’s Most-Subscribed Channels 2021

YouTube Giants

The pandemic has more people on their devices, going down the rabbit hole of sometimes entertaining and sometimes mindless videos. Here’s a look at the most subscribed YouTube channels.


The pride of India! T-Series has a huge back catalogue of classic songs and rights to some of the most anticipated movies and non-film musicians, making it a most subscribed YouTube channel.


He was the original king before T-Series dethroned him. The most subscribed YouTube channel for years, people love the Swede for his video game sessions and off-colour humour.


Both a blessing and a bane for parents of young kids (the songs can get to you!) this channel features JJ and his friends who sing, dance and entertain tiny tots in their technicolour world.

SET India

The digital arm of the Hindi GEC SET India, the channel features programming from their roster of popular Hindi scripted and unscripted shows.

Kids Diana Show

Run by a little girl from Ukraine named Diana, the channel features the antics, stories and play sessions of Diana and her brother Roma.


The WWE has always had a huge global fanbase - and now, viewers can stream RAW, SmackDown, King Of The Ring and more on their YouTube channel, along with classic clips.

5-Minute Crafts

These DIY videos are seriously addictive. Whether any of the hacks work - or whether the viewers actually attempt them - is no matter. It’s still one of the most popular channels!