7 Instagram Mistakes That Hinder Growth

IG: The Best Place To Grow Your Biz?

Instagram has grown - and how! But as more users try to expand their following, they find it’s an uphill task. Here are a few mistakes you may be making.

#1: You’re Not Engaging With Followers

You need to have a conversation with your followers to get them to spread the word about you. Reply to comments, ask questions and make it a 2-way street.

#2: You’re Not Engaging With Others

You won’t make friends if you sit in a corner and talk to yourself. You need to engage with other accounts and comment, repost, collaborate and show support.

#3: You’re Not Authentic

People want authenticity. If you’re a skincare influencer who gives 3 positive serum reviews from 3 different brands in 1 week, your followers will spot the lack of integrity.

#4: You’re Not Standing Out

We all have a targeted niche and audience. But if you do not research your niche, improve upon what’s working and differentiate yourself, you’ll drown in the noise.

#5: You’re Not Consistent

Posting sporadically on your grid and Stories is sabotage. The more you post, the more you show up in feeds; and the more likely your followers are to share your stuff.

#6: You’re Not Innovating

It’s good to find a formula that works - but sticking with it for too long and playing safe will make your content boring and less appealing to your audience.

#7: You’re Not Maximising Stories

Stories show up on the homepage when you post and tell your followers that you have something new - plus, you can redirect to your grid or swipe up to your site.

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