All About Quora

Quora: The Platform We All Need

Everyone has questions. What is dermatitis? How long do giraffes live? And we run to the Internet for the answer. helps you find those answers.

Quora Vs Search Engines

You might think Google is sufficient - but the Quora app has some features the average search engine doesn’t.

How Quora Is Different is a question and answer website where each piece of content is created, edited and organised by users.

The Q&A Social Network

The Quora app lets users follow topics that interest them and users can upvote answers to highlight the most accurate information possible.

How To Start With Quora

Like any other network, you need to create an account. Follow things that interest you and fill up your feed. The emphasis is on topics rather than people.

Ask Away

To ask a question on Quora, hit the red ‘Add Question or Link’ option in the top right corner. Enter your Quora questions.

Answer Queries

On the other end is the ability to answer other people’s questions - but do it only if you have a good, honest, and accurate answer. No nonsense!

Upvote & Downvote

See an answer you like and think is accurate? Upvote it. See an answer that is dubious or uninformative? You can downvote it.

Start Today

If you are looking to learn and share information in a more conversational way, Quora questions are a great tool. So create an account and start asking!