Google Green Belt Certification

How It All Begin

upGrowth is a growth-hacking and digital  marketing agency. We have handled clients in the BFSI, healthcare, NGO, education  and e-commerce sectors.

2018: Google Partner

In 2018, upGrowth earned the Google Partner badge, a marketing program for third party agencies that manage Google Ads for other businesses.

Google Partner Badge

The Google Partner Badge implies that upGrowth has demonstrated Google Ads expertise by passing assessments and earning certifications.

2019: Google Elevator

In 2019, upGrowth was part of the Google Elevator Program. Google works with selected digital  marketing agencies that demonstrate high performance for their clients and capabilities for rapid growth.

2020: Google Green Belt Certification

In 2020, upGrowth had the opportunity to earn a Google Green Belt Certification.

What Is Google Green Belt

The Green Belt certification focuses on Ads practitioners and search specialists who help agencies create, optimise, measure and report search campaigns for their clients

Green Belt: The First Step

The Google Green Belt Certification is a first step towards becoming a Digital Guru. The program is divided into 3 levels: Green (Foundation), Blue (Advanced), and Black Belt (Pitch Stimulation), each of which is a prerequisite to the next. Once all levels are complete, the Digital Guru title is awarded.

Becoming Green Belt Certified

This involves series of online quizzes, discussions, workshops and exams. It's mandatory to pass  all stages to earn Green Belt.

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