The Google Green Belt Certification 2020

Meet upGrowth

upGrowth is a growth hacking-marketing agency that enables both start-ups & established businesses to achieve rapid and sustainable growth.

Official Google Partner

We earned the Google Partner Badge (2018). It is a marketing program for 3rd party advertising agencies that manage Google Ads accounts for businesses.

The Google Partner Badge 

The badge implies that certain employees at upGrowth have demonstrated a level of Google Ads skill and expertise by earning Google skill shop certificates.

Elevated with Google Elevator

It is a digital advertising agency program that works with select digital agencies that demonstrate high performance & rapid growth for their clients.

Who can be a Guru?

The Google Ads official team trains you to be a full-time digital marketer and enables new career possibilities for industry professionals

Google Green Belt Certification

This focuses on Google Ads practitioners and search specialists to help agencies create, optimize, measure, & report search campaigns for their clients.

Then Comes the Blue Belt

Google Green Belt certified candidates are now eligible for ‘Google Blue Belt Certification’. This is an advanced certification training powered by Google.