Marketing Lessons From Grand Theft Auto

By Upgrowth


In 2013, Grand Theft Auto-5 made $800 million globally on its day of release.  The addictive nature of the game aside, the marketing tactics of the creators, Rockstar Games, played a key role. 

Market Like A Rockstar

Rockstar is in the business of entertainment & video games - but their smart strategies can be used in any sector.  Here’s how they made GTA-5 a grand success (no pun intended). 

Build Anticipation

Hype is good.  Two years prior to its release, Rockstar tweeted out that GTA-5 was in production, with a link to a website, with trailers, countdown timers and more. 

Cash In On Pre-Orders

Pre-orders help determine a product’s success.  Rockstar got their audience buzzing with pre-order discounts, gifts & merchandise, making money even before launching. 

Guerrilla Marketing Works

Low-cost, unconventional marketing tactics work - Rockstar got artists to spray paint GTA-5 box art murals on a wall, creating a half-finished mural for intrigue.  

Engage + Involve The Audience

Fans drive sales - and engagement drives fan loyalty.  Rockstar set up a unique website that served as a casting call for fans to register and become actors in the game!

It’s A Two-Player Game

Unconventional marketing strategies - along with giving fans the option to be participative even before a product comes out - serves as a great way to market + connect.