India’s Booming Mobile Landscape 

India’s Mobile Moment

From app downloads to time spent on devices, Indian mobile usage saw a significant spike in 2021, totalling a whopping 700 billion hours. Here’s what Indians are doing on mobile.

Indians are Big Spenders on the App Store 

Last year saw 26.7 billion app downloads, with $417 million spent at the App Store and $165 million in gaming app spends. 

Gaming and Apps are Going Big

Mobile gaming is getting popular - so much so, that publishers released 2 million new apps and games in 2021, with Google Play accounting for 77% of all new releases. 

Indians Spend Most of Their Time on their Phone

Perhaps not the healthiest thing to do, but data shows Indians spend 1/3 of their waking hours on their mobile devices, averaging 4+ hours in a day.

Social, Photo, Video

That’s where Indians are spending their time, and in that order. 7 out of every 10 minutes was spent on a social/photo/video app last year and these apps have gained market share. 

Streaming Grows by Over 50%

Indians are watching content on mobile streaming platforms MUCH more compared to pre-pandemic levels. Total hours spent watching video streaming platforms grew by 52%. 

Advertisers are Going All-In

In 2021, advertisers pumped more money into mobile ads, topping $295 billion globally, up 23% from the previous year.

No Slowing Down

With consumers spending more time on mobile apps and streaming services, advertisers will continue to spend on mobile, with ad spends poised to touch $350 billion in 2022. (via