The Brand New Search Ads 360

What’s New!

Google's enterprise campaign management software, Search Ads 360, has been updated. The new experience will roll out soon. Later in the year, Google will provide migration timelines.

Newer Features

The new updates support newer Google Ads features like Performance Max & Discovery campaigns, increased support for other search engines, an updated UI, and workflow enhancements.

Extending Support 

The flexibility to manage your ads across several channels, including other search engines, is one of Search Ads 360's biggest advantages.

How it Works 

For example, the enhanced platform now supports over ten new Microsoft Advertising features, such as responsive search ads, call extensions and local inventory advertisements.

Simplifying the Workflow

You can centralise and monitor daily tasks like campaign management, automated rules, and labelling, and make these changes across several advertisers at once.

Performance Centre

Launching later this year, this feature is being marketed as a better budget management planner with corporate planning features, such as improved forecasting in search engines.

A Refreshed UI

The UI has been revamped. The Google Ads 360 interface has been overhauled, borrowing components from the Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising user interfaces. 

Save Time

The new Search Ads 360 helps you get more work done in one place and saves time. Since more data and controls are consolidated, it delivers a comprehensive view of your paid search campaigns.

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