Get To Know MUM:

Google’s Latest Update

New Update

Google rolled out a new update to its search engine that uses an artificial intelligence feature called MUM to explore topics.

What Is MUM?

It stands for Multitask Unified Model - an algorithm created to search the internet across different languages, text, images and media to help users find answers to detailed questions. 

How MUM Is Different

MUM is a transformer-based AI model that has been trained in images + text.  This will revolutionise the way Google Search & Google Lens are used. 

Better Results 

MUM breaks the language barrier and helps pull results from varied sites.  Users also have the option to “refine this search” and “broaden this,” leading them to more useful answers. 

Image And Multimedia-Focused Search

MUM brings solutions based not just on text, but on multimedia such as images, videos, and podcasts. 

Moving Beyond SEO

The focus on images and multimedia means that users can get more specific with their queries instead of relying solely on SEO-friendly language and keywords. 

MUM Feature: Point, Ask, Shop

Users will be able to snap a photo and ask a question using Google Lens (like finding a bag using an image of your friend’s bag!) Photos become stoppable items. 

MUM Feature: Inventory Check

Via Google My Business, MUM gives users data on whether the local businesses they are looking at have enough products in stock.

MUM Feature: In-Depth Answers

MUM also features “things to know,” a list of recommendations, tips and how-tos related to your topic. Much deeper than featured snippets and video results!

What You Need To Do

Improve the quality and scale of your media content, integrate schema markup, and work on your knowledge graph - this ensures your audience gets the answers they are looking for!