Black Friday Marketing Strategies 

Black Friday

The busiest shopping day of the year, kicking off the holiday shopping season.  Loss-making retailers who are “in the red,” see a big spike in sales, putting their numbers “in the black.”

What It Means    

Businesses see an uptick in traffic- which means the opportunity to generate excess revenue.  Here are a few Black Friday marketing tactics to help you cash in.

 For Retailers

Optimise Your Site

As an online retailer, your website is your window display.  Maintain a good UX/UI, easy navigation and speedy loading times for your site and get it ready for heavy traffic.


Optimise your content along with your site usability.  Check for trending seasonal keywords and previous Black Friday shopping trends and search terms that will help you gain more traffic.

Email List

Black Friday campaigns rely on effective email marketing.  Grow and refine your list in the weeks prior, with email pop-ups on your site, early sale access for existing subscribers, etc

Standout Subject Lines

You need to encourage people to open your emails - and headlines that are unconventional and pique curiosity (without sounding like clickbait) can boost open rates. 


Popups are for more than just email. Black Friday creative ads pop-ups can work to inform people about what’s in store, delivery timelines and can even reduce cart abandonment.

Social Selling

If you’re on social media, then you probably appreciate the ease of making a purchase directly from Instagram or Facebook.  Connect your store to IG or FB to make shopping fast and easy. 


The best Black Friday marketing campaigns use the right hashtags.  Use a combination of Black Friday, location, niche, specialist and generic hashtags to cover all bases and types of shoppers. 

Mobile-Only Deals

A majority of shoppers use their smartphones to browse and buy.  Ask shoppers to download your app and giving them mobile-only deals, and make sure your site is optimised for mobile.

Gift Guides

With so much information and so many options, navigating the retail landscape can be hard.  Create gift guides and bundles to suit a wide range of audience demographics and interests.