Amazon Black Friday Campaign Strategies

Black Friday

It’s the busiest shopping day of the year and kicks off the holiday shopping season.  Retailers on Amazon can stand to make big profits if they have a good marketing plan.

The Amazon Advantage

Amazon can have a serious impact on your bottom line.  But an Amazon Black Friday ad can get lost in the ocean of promotions - so you need to create a sound strategy.

Start Early

The Amazon Black Friday Sale is massive and far-reaching. Start early.  Have campaigns up and running so you can analyse data beforehand and optimise.

Stock Check

Black Friday deals on Amazon can get frenzied.  Restock popular items that are currently out of stock in time for the sale, and keep a tab on your best-sellers.


Your campaign structure needs to be broken out by category/SKU, so you can quickly adapt your strategy and budget, and shoppers make the most of the best Amazon Black Friday deals

Conversion Rates

Keep a close eye on the conversion rates for your most popular and your most price-volatile items and adjust your Amazon Black Friday deals accordingly 


You can’t just create an Amazon Black Friday ad and forget it — regularly monitor your Amazon holiday campaign performance, and re-allocate spends as required. 

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