The Stock Market Story

The Surge in Organic Growth

Take a look at how we helped a stock market company achieve organic growth by +140% in 42 day

MarketSmith India helps share market users streamline their investing research with the resources of an entire team of stock market professionals from the comfort of their desks.

Meet the Brand

MarketSmith India was struggling to attract organic traffic with consistent efforts on content generation.

The Attraction Obstruction

Traffic Jam!

upGrowth’s industry experts realized that they could drive more business, boost conversions and registrations with increased organic traffic.

The Power of SEO

upGrowth implemented several SEO strategies like killing 4000+ irrelevant pages, conducting intense keyword research, and optimizing the first user experience with CRO hacks.

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Need a Growth Plan? Here’s your Man!

For the entire and detailed growth journey of MarketSmith, check out their case study below.