Growth Hacking Success Stories

Growth Hacking

Successful Growth Hacks are the products of engineering, marketing, leadership, design and product management. Here are a few companies that have deployed growth hacking strategies to achieve massive growth in their companies.


Tinder has made an addictive product by gamifying dating. To validate their product, potential sign-ups needed to see the app work. They sent teams to colleges to directly demonstrate the product’s value, manually recruiting sign-ups from their target audience, millennials, to install and try the app.


Listerine created a problem to position their product as the solution. They came up with the medical condition of “bad breath”, which prompted people to believe they had the condition, and use Listerine to treat it.


Twitter focused on how to keep users engaged. They streamlined the sign-up process, offering users a set of instructions to get them using Twitter right away. They also found that retention rose significantly when a person manually selected 5 to 10 Twitter accounts to follow on their first day, helping users find areas of interest.


Airbnb connects people who have rooms and houses to rent and potential customers who want to rent those spaces. To reach more users quickly, they decided to draft off a platform that was already facilitating similar transactions - Craigslist, a classifieds website. AirBnB executed a hack to cross-post an AirBnB listing on Craigslist as well, so users searching for vacation rentals on Craigslist would run into Airbnb listings.


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