A Fun Fintech  Growth Journey

The Rank Matters

Take a look at how upGrowth helped a fintech brand to rank at +15,000 featured snippets from 0 in 6 months.

Meet the Brand

Fi. Money is an app redefining banking with a digital-first financial app that comes with an in-built savings account.


Fi.Money faced difficulties with organic growth because it primarily received traffic from branded queries.

The Google SERPent

Very few keywords showed results on the Feature snippet result on the Google SERP.

The Rescue Mission

upGrowth analyzed the current snippet, i.e., number of words & characters, content structure ex. list or paragraphs, boldened terms & phrases.

Snap the Snippets

upGrowth’s team made the required edits to the 4 types of snippets:

Paragraphs, Lists (Order/Unorder Lists), Tables, and Videos.

Finally,  Things Progressed

We immediately noticed a rise in the keyword ranking for the Feature Snippets SERP result.

Also, the website traffic dramatically improved.

Think this will help you in your digital marketing journey?   Check out our case study below.