How We Helped Lendingkart Achieve 20% Growth Via Google Ads

Case Study

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The Client

 Lendingkart provides easy, accessible loans to small businesses. 

The Brief

Lendingkart realised that they could generate more leads from Google Ads at a lower cost than they currently were.

The Challenge

We needed to keep the cost per lead as low as possible while still exhausting the entire Google Ads budget.


The Solution

We run different ad extensions in place for different ad groups.

We identified the latest trends in the world of small business loans to leverage them in our adverts.

The Solution: Bids

We adjusted the ad bids with respect to the city, day, and time to keep the costs as low as possible, without compromising on efficiency.

The Solution: UAC

We also generated awareness about working capital loans through the Universal App Campaign.

The Solution: Split Testing

as of 25th march 2020

We did extensive experimentation and A/B testing with different landing pages to make sure that we had the right one.

The Results

The improvement in their Google Ads resulte


conversions increased


 CPL decreased


Overall Growth

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