Why Your Social Media Strategy Should Change According To Product Life Cycle

What Is A Social Media Strategy?

A social media strategy plan is the marketing summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve for your business using social networks.

Integrating Social Media Into Your Product Life Cycle

“Product life cycle” (PLC) refers to the stages a product goes through, from beginning to end. It’s a rise and fall story, that, if all goes well, will lead to a lot of profit before the journey is over. Here’s how social media plays a role.


Social media marketers should participate in the early stage of the launch and understand the opportunities. Initial attention must be paid, and it’s essential to keep an eye on the growth of the brand. If you start participation at early stage, your brand will also benefit from early adaption and grow their social media presence.


At this point, social media marketers can see whether a given piece of content is gaining traction on the social media platforms. “Early adopters” (or educated opinion leaders) will start sharing the content with their networks thus building reach.


When it comes to the social media plan cycle, the maturity stage is when you know your content has been consumed and shared by “early and late majority” adopters. This means that your mainstream readers are seeing and sharing your content. Typically, you’ll stop running advertising and rely on the network effect on social media.


In the PLC, the decline stage can be painful. This is when the competition has caught up and the market has become saturated.

Creativity + Research

Creativity and research are key to enabling any social media platform to go along product life cycle stages.

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