How To Find 50 Backlink Opportunities

Find The Authority Sites In Your Niche

Use Ubersuggest to look for a keyword related to your niche, click on “content ideas” and analyse the results to start the backlink building process.

Check Out Existing Links

Finding outbound links and visiting those links gives you a solid idea of what a site is looking for. Analyse the links and the type of content they have to get good results.

Check For Broken Links

A broken link is a link that doesn’t work. When you are trying to create backlinks, sites will appreciate them when you notify them of links that no longer work.

Find Influencers In Your Niche

Here’s how to build backlinks using social media - reach out to influencers directly through their site, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Leverage existing backlinks

In your spreadsheet, write down the URLs for the sites that have given you links. These are ripe opportunities for backlink building.

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