Arvind Krishna as Captain Marvel

Arvind harnesses cosmic energy (tech) with determination, duty, and inspiring leadership, shaping the world with strength, intelligence, and a passion for impact.

Elon Musk as Iron Man 

Elon Musk, as Iron Man, blurs fiction and reality, pushing boundaries fearlessly. His charisma and genius inspire us to dream big, shaping a future where anything is possible.

Eric Yuan as Luke Cage 

Eric Yuan, like Luke Cage, exhibits unbreakable determination and leadership, symbolising integrity and justice. With grit, he paves the way for a stronger future.

Jamie Dimon as Ant-Man

Jamie Dimon, as Ant-Man, excels in strategic agility, bringing innovative perspectives to finance. His small actions make a monumental impact. 

Mark Zuckerberg as Deadpool 

Mark Zuckerberg, like Deadpool, fearlessly challenges norms, disrupts with wit and leaves an indelible mark on social media, altering the way we connect and communicate. 

Satya Nadella as an Avenger 

Satya Nadella, as an Avenger, unifies technology and empathy, inspiring collaboration and driving positive change with his strategic leadership. 

Shantanu Narayen as Black Panther 

Shantanu Narayen, like Black Panther, leads with strength and grace, bringing innovation and empowerment, merging technology and social impact. 

Sundar Pichai as Captain America

Sundar Pichai, as Captain America, leads with integrity, protecting privacy, championing ethics, and shaping a trusted digital world of global connectivity.

Tim Cook as Spider-Man

Tim Cook, like Spider-Man, balances responsibility and innovation, weaving a future where technology and compassion unite for a better world.

Warren Buffett as Wolverine

Warren Buffett, like Wolverine, possesses unmatched resilience and wisdom, leaving an indelible mark as a formidable investment force on the financial landscape.

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