Predictions For Marketing In 2021, From Industry Leaders

Marketing In 2021: Thought Leaders Weigh In

Some members of Google’s Associate Product Marketing Manager program share their predictions.

Marketing is changing rapidly - and we don’t know what to expect.  What will drive strategy?  What are some factors to consider?

Virtue Signalling

Virtue Signalling

Marketers must find authentic ways to incorporate social and environmental issues into their work.

2020 saw a big reckoning with regards to injustice, and brands made their campaigns more inclusive. But consumers want more than performative gestures.


The push for diversity will need to move beyond race and gender, and embrace issues that were previously not tackled as much - disability, pigmentocracy, sexual diversity, disability. Intersectionality is key.


 Broken links, confusing CTAs, slow pages, or desktop-only websites need to go out the window, and UX teams need to create delightful, functional experiences.

Lockdown has made consumers more reliant on digital mediums - so clunky technology and UX won’t cut it.

Live Streaming

The best way to do it is with live-streamed e-commerce, which is seeing a steady rise in popularity.

Now, it’s super-easy to post a video, start a podcast or sell products online - so e-commerce brands need to make an effort to stand out in this noisy environment.

Augmented Reality

Brands have been dabbling with augmented reality for a few years now. But stay-at-home orders have been a forcing mechanism to take the technology to a new level.  Experts predict that AR could finally go mainstream, so marketers should take note.


Personalisation has always been an integral aspect of marketing, helping win over skeptical customers. 

But over the next year and beyond, the technologies that can make this type of personalisation happen at scale will become more mainstream.

Health & Happiness

COVID-19 has made health and happiness an important aspect of everyone’s lives. And, with Gen Zers reporting more mental health issues than other generations, marketers need to take actions that bring forth positive changes.

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