How We Increased Client Revenue By

6X And Orders By 300%

Our client is a company that sells portable thermo-coolers to help consumers keep their drinks cold on-the-go.

The Client

The Brief

Our client was already selling on Amazon. They wanted to generate more sales from Amazon PPC ads, without massively increasing their ACoS in the process.



We needed to keep the ACoS as low as possible while still exhausting the entire Amazon PPC budget.


2. Bids

3.Sponsored Brand Campaigns

4.Split Testing

The Solutions


We identified that Amazon PPC and organic have co-relations. Thus, we optimised the product listing which included terms used in paid campaigns.


We bid on every available campaign/targeting type, and adjusted the ad bids with respect to the keyword level CoS/sales to keep the costs as low as possible.

Sponsored Brand Campaigns

We also generated awareness about the brand through Sponsored Brand campaigns.

Split Testing

We did extensive experimentation and A/B testing with different keyword match types to make sure that we had the right one.

Thanks to our efforts, ACoS dropped by 49%, sales increased by a whopping 2861% and orders increased by 3162% - all while making full use of the PPC budget.

The Results