Important SEO Trends For 2021

Adapting Your SEO Strategy

The pandemic has changed the way we do business and conduct research online - and your SEO game needs to adapt accordingly. Here’s what to keep in mind for 2021.

User’s Search Intent

Consumer behaviour is changing constantly. SEO practitioners need to focus on better understanding what’s happening within the SERPs/searcher intent, since Google is getting better at recognising what a user is looking for.

Retention & Lifetime Value

With less money to spend on ads, businesses will need to focus far more on customer retention and increasing customer lifetime value (LTV). Post-acquisition content and communication must focus on adding value and addressing customer needs

Core Web Vitals

Google announced that Core Web Vitals are a ranking factor. Brands need to focus on these factors, like page loading time, how responsive a page is, website navigation, and site security.

Mobile SEO

Most browsing happens on mobile, so your SEO strategy needs to be optimised for it. Often, Google prioritises the mobile site over desktop - so do more than the bare minimum and adopt a mobile-first attitude.


The quality and quantity of AI content is expected to increase, and the number of SEO tasks that can be automated (structured data generation, quality content etc) will also increase.

Long Form Content

To be able to outrank competitors, brands will need to churn out more consistent long form content that appeals to Google’s E-A-T guidelines, and has an emotional connect.

Scalability Of Your SEO

You need to monitor your SEO - listing tasks, processes and workflows; identifying changes to rankings of important keywords, page content and URL changes, and establishing SOPs for regular tasks that can’t be automated.