Impact Of Social Media On The Buying Habits Of The Indian Consumer

Buying In The Era Of Social Media

Online shopping and buying behaviour has changed tremendously with the advent of social media. Here, we examine the 3 buying stages of a consumer, before and after the social media era

Before Social Media: Pre-Purchase

Consumers would get to know about products from offline advertising channels like newspapers, radio spots, hoardings etc, and would generally buy clothes during sale/discount periods.

Before Social Media: During Purchase

Consumers would purchase the product in-store, without the choice to run comparisons with other stores or view selections in other stores.

Before Social Media: Post Purchase

If the consumer is happy with the product, the brand/store is a hit. If the consumer has issues with the quality or they want to return the product, then there is a possibility of losing a buyer.

After Social Media: Pre-Purchase

An interested consumer would know about sales, offers, discounts and can tell which product is best suitable based on the comparison choices available. Non-attentive viewers can be converted to prospect customers & redirected to buy online.

After Social Media: During Purchase

The consumer can choose from a range of products, based on ratings and customer reviews. Lack of time and distance constraints ensure a wide range of products are available.

After Social Media: Post Purchase

Consumers can take to social media and express their views if unhappy with the product. Brands, in turn, can respond in real-time. Other consumers and prospective consumers get to know about issues resolved/unresolved based on social/customer reviews.

Social For Good

Social media has helped brands reach out to consumers directly, while also giving consumers more of a voice!