How We Helped Masakha Become Pune’s Top Seafood Restaurant

Constraints For Masakha

Not only does it need to serve outstanding food but it also needs to overcome the competition and make sure that potential customers find out about its existence.

Our Aim

We knew that once we were able to popularize Masakha as a Seafood Specialist, the traffic would follow, as would the home-delivery orders and restaurant visitors.

Challenge: Make people aware that Masakha existed

Creating a GMBP enabled people to share pictures of the food and reviews, and also helped in building a small organic following

Challenge: To establish Masakha’s reputation as a seafood restaurant par excellence

We collaborated with popular food bloggers who were also social media influencers. We knew that Masakha’s food would speak for itself; all we had to do was make sure it was tasted by the right people

Challenge: To popularize Masakha as the restaurant of choice for home deliveries

We collaborated with Zomato to create some great offers for customers and also invited some of the top reviewers on Zomato to come and try the food at Masakha

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