Monitoring Organic Search Rankings

Monitoring Matters

Monitoring rankings still makes sense - even if  it’s gotten harder. SEO is about making your site accessible to a search crawler and discoverable for users - and play a part in rankings.

Use A Third Party Tool

Use a third-party tool to compare and trend Google Search Console data. GSC provides in-depth insights, helping you uncover which keywords are gaining or losing traction, pages have been gaining or losing traffic, and data on traffic trends.

Reconnect Keyword Data To On-Site Behaviour

You can use tools like Google Analytics and Finteza to give you detailed keyword data, and identify your best-performing keywords. This helps you dig deeper into audience behaviour and search patterns.

Identify And Improve Upon High-Ranking Keywords

 The easiest way to find site URLs that drive few or no clicks from search results is to use GSC. You can also use tools like Jet Octopus that can process thousands of URLs.

If your pages rank without generating meaningful clicks, then you have a problem.

In Conclusion

SEO data is often scattered - limiting reporting and evaluation of its ROI. While focusing on a single keyword is outdated, ranking trends are still an important way to figure out if your SEO work is making an impact.