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Conversion Rates


Sell More

Sell Smart 

All online sellers have one aim: to sell more and retain more customers. Here’s a look at how you can boost e-commerce conversion rates.


The main thing that helps sell a product online is its image! People want to see what’s in store and view it from different angles.

Have multiple images and make sure they are all sharp, high-resolution images that can be magnified for a closer look.

Product descriptions are essential to selling more on the web. It provides buyers with the information they need to make a purchase decision and is important because it gives details about the dimensions and feel of the product

Product Copy

Images are important, but videos can tell the prospect more - especially with clothing and apparel.

Product Videos


Giving your customers the opportunity to personalise and customise their purchases not only generates buzz, but also adds to your bottom line as you can charge extra for these services.

Free Shipping

A bulk of shoppers expect free shipping, even without a minimum cart value. The lack of free shipping for purchases and returns can prompt many shoppers to abandon their carts.

Sales & Promotions

Discount-seeking behaviour is not going away anytime soon - so offer sales and discounts as often as you can, and make them easy to find or display them prominently on your site

Follow Up

Shoppers abandon carts for a variety of reasons - so if you see an abandoned cart, follow up with a call, email or link back to the cart, and understand why the customer left midway.

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