How Backlinko’s Brian Dean Built His Traffic to 90,000 Visits per Month


Backlinko is the site digital marketers turn to for advice on how to earn higher Google rankings, with articles related to Google updates and online marketing.

One Of The Most Popular Sites On The Web

Backlinko is among the top 100 in the business and consumer services category. But how did they get where they are? The answer is consistency and strategy.

SEO Is The Way To Go

Brian says that sound SEO is the sure-fire way to success, because, with SEO, you scale with people, while with PPC, you merely scale with a budget.

Build An Email List

Dean says that in the early days, focusing on email list building helped his traffic. He also asked Backlinko visitors for their email IDs in exchange for a bonus content piece.

Content, Done The Right Way

One way to win is to take content in your niche that’s already doing well - and make it your own by making it better. This is exactly what Backlinko does.

Promote Yourself

When you create a good piece of content that resonates, do the smart thing and promote it by reaching out to the people who shared the niche content you discovered and improved upon.

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