Growth Hacking Tools Every Growth Hacker Should Have

The Magic Of Growth Hacking

Growth hacking allows you to get things done - like rapid customer acquisition - at minimum cost or for no money at all.

The Right Customer Acquisition Tools

Customers define your business. Finding hacks with available tools or developing new tools to get your business discovered by your target audience will drive insane growth. Here are a few we love.

Email Finders

Email finders like AeroLeads and Leadiq and Hunter help you uncover prospects and verify email addresses.

Landing Pages

Landing page is a web page which businesses wish users to land on and take expected action from same page without getting diverted.There are several tools that can help you quickly build landing pages in minutes without any technical knowledge, including Unbounce, Instapage, LeadPages and more.

A strong foundation of technical SEO, including scalable wireframes and structured data with meaningful meta and visible content that spread out hooks for links will drive organic growth. There are several tools to help you with this, like Ahrefs, Nibble, QuickSprout, Rank Signals etc.


Customer Engagement Tools

Bounce rate defines how people are engaging with your platform. The lower the bounce rate, the more valuable users find your site. Customer engagement tools can help reduce the bounce rate by applying correct growth hacking tactics. Try Appcues, Inline Manual, Fanplayr, Needle etc.

Customer Retention Tools

Retaining a customer is much more economical than acquiring a new one. There exist customer retention tools from different categories like customer loyalty, referral, gamification, unique personalised expertise, ongoing support with engagement systems and customer relationship management platform. Some include Ambassador, AgileCRM, Helpscout, etc.

Data Analytics Tools

Data analytics tools help you analyse and track campaigns and understand what is working for your site. Choose from Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Flurry, Segment and more.

Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation software or tool helps marketers to automate all the process and steps in marketing like social media, email or any website action. There are plenty of great tools to choose from, like Hubspot, Marketo, Active Campaign, Lead Squared and more.

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