Google’s core web vitals expansion and page experience update 2021

What Is New?

Google has now organized the questions into three sections: metrics & tooling, page experience & search, and AMP

What Stands Out?

Google will continue to prioritize pages with great content even if some aspects of page experience are subpar.

Why Do We Care?

This is a small ranking factor, improvising user experience and potentially increasing site conversion rates and performance.

Core Web Vitals Data’s Origin

The data comes from the Chrome User Experience Report, which is based on actual user visits and interactions with web pages.

Why Similar thresholds for CWV for all types of pages?

Working towards a shared set of user experience metrics and thresholds across all websites is imperative to sustain a healthy web ecosystem.

Page Experience Update And Its Importance

Signals will be used to determine the best content  in response to a query, continuing to prioritize pages with the best information overall.