SEO For Google 

 Images in 2021

Image Optimization SEO

SEO isn’t just for text, but images as well. Here’s a look at image SEO on Google, how they can be used to achieve your goals, and the best practices to optimize SEO for images.

All About Google Images

Google images helps users visually find web pages for a wide range of requirements, from cooking to crafting to cutting hair.  Google images shows relevant images related to your search terms to make what you’re looking for easy to find.

How Google Images Are

Each image result consists of an image preview, attribution and a headline from the page.  The preview can be expanded to learn more about the image and the content on the page.  Information which uses structured data - like recipes, videos and products - is also shown in the preview.


User’s Intent

Understand what your audience wants. Do they search visually for your content?  How might they be searching?  What preview of your content would they find compelling? Do your pages have images relevant to the content on that page?

Optimise Image Placement

Place images near relevant text and provide a caption close to the image.  Place your most important image near the top of the page. Don’t embed important text within an image.

Use Alt Attributes

Alt attributes provide information about the image to visually impaired users and others who cannot see the image. This is good for accessibility and search engines.

Image Quality

Use high-quality, high-resolution images, as they are more appealing and drive more traffic.


Images are the largest contributor to a page and need to load relatively quickly to hold the reader/user’s interest.  Optimize file size and use lazy-loading techniques and responsive image techniques.