Fox - The Nimble Explorer 

Join Fox as it fearlessly navigates zero gravity, using its cunning instincts to adapt and explore the vastness of outer space. 

Zero-G Tiger 

Witness the grace and power of the Tiger as it prowls through the cosmos, showcasing its hunting prowess while adapting to life in space.

Pig's Weightless Wonder 

Embark on a heartwarming adventure with a Pig, exploring the wonders of the cosmos in its cute pink suit. 

Kitten's Cosmic Curiosity 

Follow the inquisitive Kitten as it gazes at the stars and unravels the secrets of space.

Elephant’s Lunar Leap 

Witness the awe-inspiring presence of the Elephant as it gracefully manoeuvres through the weightlessness of space. 

Lion: The Majestic Cosmonaut 

Lion’s roar cannot be heard in the vacuum of space, yet it commands the vastness, embodying courage and strength while conquering new frontiers. 

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