A Comprehensive Guide To On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO & Why It’s Important?

On-page SEO is the practice of optimising content for search engines. It’s important because it highlights the relevance of your web page in relation to specific keywords and helps it get discovered.

How To Optimise Your Page For SEO?

Make sure your target keywords show up in the first 100 words, and use them often - around 6-10 times. Use the keyword in your URL, too. Be sure to link to external pages related to your topic so Google knows what you’re talking about!

Optimise Your Description Titles 



Ensure your keyword appears in the title tag, and be sure to create keyword-rich meta descriptions.

Content is  King

Write SEO-Friendly, Keyword-Rich Content

Your content should be unique, informative and useful to the user, and provide an answer to the specific search query typed in by the user.



Fine-Tune Your Content For Better CTR

Ensure meta descriptions are filled in, and write title-tags that spark emotion. Using questions in the title tags, and adding the year to your titles and descriptions (eg Best SEO Blogs Of 2020), also work well.

UX That Makes Readers Interact With Your Page

Want that timeless cinematic look? We got’chyu, plus a special Film Noir deep dive.


As far as possible, use original images

Optimize your images with a descriptive file name and alt text for visually-impaired users.

since stock images fare poorly vis a vis SERPs

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