8 Netflix Shows For Startup Founders

By Upgrowth

July 22, 2021

Business Owners, Binge These Shows

Netflix has an enviable catalogue of comedies and dramas - but they also have a great lineup of inspiring shows for entrepreneurs. Here are our picks.

#1: Dirty Money

This investigative documentary exposes the corruption of billionaire predators, and how capitalism feeds greed, highlighting how profits are made by exploiting the less fortunate.

#2 Ozark

This Netflix original follows a Chicago-based financial advisor who has to launder money for a drug lord.  Along the way, the protagonist uses a diverse set of entrepreneurial skills to get by.

#3 Billions

This American TV drama plays off the relationship between a corrupt hedge fund manager and a district attorney, with insider trading, bribery, power and the dark side of the law thrown in.

#4 Fyre

A documentary about the much-hyped festival that duped thousands, the film calls attention to the power of influencer marketing, while serving as a warning to how it can go horribly wrong.

#5 Breaking Bad

The show is beloved for its gritty storyline, but there are some great business lessons: how a distinct product can disrupt the market, how to form alliances & knowing when to cash out.

#6 Better Call Saul

A Breaking Bad spin-off, this show tells the origin story of Walter White’s crooked lawyer Saul Goodman. The business lessons? Take risks, grow your market, fake it till you make it.

#7 Inside Bill’s Brain

This documentary takes a close look at the life of Bill Gates and his extraordinary journey to becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. 

#8 Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

This heartwarming documentary shows how perseverance, passion and a steadfast strive for perfection makes nonagenarian Jiro Ono the world’s greatest sushi chef. 

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So if you’re looking for some inspiration and business lessons, add these to your Netflix watchlist!