Outreach Tips By Rank Fishkin

Continually do things that earn attention from people who can help you.

Tip 1

Ask for things no one else does and scale through the compounding interest of time, increasing notoriety, improved brand affinity, and the broadening ability  to help.

Tip 2

Be Able to Help in Compelling, High-Demand Ways and come up with a way to help that literally nobody else is offering.

Tip 3

Be unreasonably kind & helpful to everyone. Professional relationships are often transactional. So when humanity, empathy, forgiveness, and kindness shine through, it’s indelibly memorable.

Tip 4

Controversial topics are worth covering, positions of passion are worth taking, and angering people who don’t agree with you is a good sign that you’ll also attract and engage those who do. 

Tip 5

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