10 PPC Trends To Stay On Top Of In 2021

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Data Privacy

Post-pandemic, PPC trends are changing. With limited access to Google search query data and removal of tracking cookies, marketers need to adapt and work smarter with available data. 

Invest In The  Buyer Journey

Marketers can no more control every ad based on bids and words alone, especially with the rise in automation and AI. Marketers need to study and focus on their target audience and where they are in the buyer journey.


Platforms are taking away control from pay per click marketing, and they have to adapt to the new age of automation and AI. For PPC success, understand how automation works. 


Due to this loss of control and increased automation, marketers will have to look to other platforms like Microsoft Ads, Verizon native ads and social media platforms.

First-Party Data

In an era of increased privacy, improving  first-party data is a must.  Marketers need to focus on data and work with agencies to develop a strategy that marries privacy compliance with usability.

Advantage Instagram

With the popularity of new features like IGTV and Reels, it’s only a matter of time before Instagram starts monetising these features - offering marketers new prime real estate.

Don’t Lose Sight Of  The Big Picture

Structure your campaigns well and target your market based on preferences and behaviours, not just data, for better pay per click advertising results.

Craft The Perfect Message

Write good, well-meaning, well-targeted ads, taking into account who your customers are as people instead of focusing on data points alone.

Test Regularly

The only way to uncover what’s working is to test, test, test again. Scrutinise each variable and identity what gets you the best results.

Mobile-Friendly Is A Must

Now more than ever, people are on their smartphones. Your site HAS to be accessible on mobile and adapted for smaller screens - no two ways about it.

Are You Ready To  Take On 2021?

Now that you know how to adapt to the new PPC landscape, you can put some of these tips into practice! For more stories on the latest digital marketing trends, follow upGrowth.

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