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A quick sneak-peek into the experimental month of November

A quick sneak-peek into the experimental month of November

I started the month of November on a good note. This month helped me define the line between perception and facts and how the difference between experiences and expectations can lead to unexpected outcomes. 

Also, last month, I was confused between “Meditation and the Art of Doing Nothing,” but I have attained some clarity this month.

On the work front, upGrowth took up some exciting and challenging assessments – 

  • Helping to productize and digitalize 20+ years old ayurvedic service 
  • Growth engine building for AI lead global recruitment platform for deskless workers 

Let’s dive in…

Expectations and Perception 

Someone’s perception is generally based on their experiences, beliefs, exposure and upbringing, interaction, etc.

Perception is built on the reflection of the outside world on the self, which helps understand what is what. 

If you are over-delivering the expectations and do not match the perception, no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to convince anyone to look at the world from your viewpoint. 

In such cases, it’s best to let go because, eventually, it will not work out, as perception is tough to break, irrespective of how vital your facts are. 


Meditation and the Art of Doing Nothing

There are many ways to practice meditation – imagining a situation, focusing on your breath, or simply overbearing random thoughts without judgment as a third person (which is damn tricky :)) or merely being in a flow state or being mindful. 

Definitions of meditations may vary in what outcomes one expects to receive from them.

You can focus on some body parts during meditation and feel how they are changing or push for them to change.

You can allow the feeling of warm oxygen you breathe in through your nostrils and cold carbon dioxide, a waste gas, to move from your blood to the lungs when exhaled.

While the Art of Doing Nothing (which I have been practicing mainly on the weekends and afternoons on weekdays) means doing nothing at all.

Don’t feel and focus.

Don’t analyze or understand.

Don’t imagine or manifest.

Just Do nothing.

I know it’s difficult, and I struggled a lot; I am still working, but I enjoy it more than meditation. 

It’s fun, do give it a try and let me know how you feel. 

Fun Experiment

I think OpenAI’s new ChatGPT is a massive threat to Google.

I ask the same question to both, and here are the results –

3 Images

Things may get weird in the future, and this may be bad for marketers 🙁 

You should check on ChatGPT next time before searching on Google. 


Challenging assessments

  • Digital transformation of ayurvedic practices into modern product-based solutions 

The client approached upGrowth last year when I politely refused to work with them due to the readiness of the second generation, who want to transform the family-owned service business of the first generation into a product lead business.

Because the client needed more time to be ready, especially at the mindset level.

This year they approached us back, and we checked the readiness through certain activities based on LSP.

Ayurveda has an ancient history since the 2nd Century BC; we are on a mission to surface this knowledge combined with modern solutions to offer the best healthcare products.

  • AI leads the global recruitment platform for deskless workers. 

Even after the pandemic is over and people are retiring to their offices, there is still uncertainty about how a deskless workforce manages their businesses.

A deskless worker is an employee who does not have a designated office or workspace. A staggering 80% of the global workforce, or approximately 2.7 billion people, are deskless today.

Healthcare, retail, manufacturing, construction, transportation, telecommunications, and other industries commonly employ them.

Deskless workers create and sell the products we use every day. They managed to keep us safe and healthy during a global pandemic even when they were at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 than employees in offices or at home.

Previously, we worked with the founding team on many challenging assignments, like online glasses and contact lens prescription renewal B2B platforms for fortune 500 companies. 

With this new challenge, we aim to make life happy and work easy for the global deskless workforce. 


Alright, hit reply to share thoughts, connect on LN, respond to the question, or simply say hello. I love hearing from you.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to share this email with anyone who might enjoy it.

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