Transparent Growth Measurement

Growth Obstacles of a FinTech Brand

What is the business?

Investors can manage their finances with the use of this digital fintech platform. The aim of this organization was to provide all individual investors with monetary security. It supports mutual fund distributors’ financial management. The company offers all financial products on a single platform, and customers can use them to expand their businesses. They have additionally introduced loan and insurance solutions. One can begin distributing Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, AIF, PMS, NPS, Bonds, etc, after partnering with this fintech platform.

What Was The Aim?

The organization wanted upGrowth’s expertise in connecting them with the right customers, such as Mutual Fund distributors. Their objective was to –

  • Draw the Mutual Fund distributor’s attention organically and also attract additional clients
  • Aid in creating leads and improving the page’s ranking

What upGrowth Did?

What Results Did We Bring?

The growth has improved by 700%, delivering the relevant customers to the page and assisting them in increasing sales. The website was completely designed in about 5 months, which helped them to reach relevant customers and direct them to the fintech platform. The given stats are the result of just 3 months –

What decisions were made and why?

The fintech platform intended to switch to one employee to oversee all of its website expertise in light of the increasing outcomes. They completely lost their credibility in an effort to save money and make it work for them.

After Effect

The impression rates dramatically decreased. The statistics provided below clearly demonstrate a significant difference between the organically formed website our team created earlier and what occurred after the discontinuation.

Why did it happen?

As was previously stated, their objective was to draw relevant clients to their website so that the sales force could expand. Our team’s knowledge of SEO enables them to expand their website and attract the right customers. Their sales have drastically decreased as a result of between relaxation and discontinuation. We always need to simply follow the trends that are evolving in daily life, and for that, we always need the assistance of digital competence.

What Can You Learn From This Case Study?

Always write for the proper audience if you want to draw in the right clients. To build appropriate content organically, full-fledged efforts are required, and you must collaborate with SEO experts. If you stop working after the growth, it will fall apart in no time.

The speed of working on growth should be consistent to ensure we double the number of customers every time we work together.

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