Transparent Growth Measurement

A Renowned Honey Brand

What is the business?

Finding pure, unadulterated, single-source & minimally processed honey has become next to impossible. Almost all brands in the market don’t share their procurement process with their customers to hide price discovery, product sourcing, and distribution inefficiencies. The high cost of honey is passed onto consumers, while honey farmers are not given their due and are squeezed to the last penny. To address these problems, one of our clients is selling unadulterated & single source honey using high-tech hives, following ethical practices that ensure happy farmers and no violence towards bees.

What Was The Aim?

When the brand approached upGrowth, they were already selling through traditional marketing channels and strategies. Their objective was:

  • To explore digital marketing & offer their honey to as many consumers as possible.
  • They were at a point in their journey where they had figured out how to get sales. However, they now needed to scale up their business considerably.
  • And ensure they didn’t massively increase their CAC in the process.

What upGrowth Did?

We started to implement SEO from scratch. We started:

What Results Did We Bring?

We can see after applying the SEO mixed-bag growth strategy, our efforts paid off, resulting in +300% traffic.


What Decisions Were Made and Why?

Once the results showed an uptrend, they decided to pause the engagement with upGrowth and decided to get it done through another agency to save some money.

Organic traffic contributed to good results, and they were under the impression that paid campaigns can also be stopped.

What Happened Next?

We saw a drastic fall in organic traffic and overall website visits, which impacted not just sales but the entire business model.

Last Month’s Stats For This Project

Why Did It happen?

This happened because of multiple reasons.

SEO requires constant efforts, and past efforts fruit results only till a point in time, post which, in order to fuel the growth, we need to ensure constant performance maintenance.

SEO is not a sprint it’s a marathon race. (Cliché we know, but that’s the hard truth)

What Can You Learn From This Case Study?

The lesson learned is that marketing especially SEO needs constant efforts as any other business function and can be automated but it would still require overseeing between regular intervals. If we leave things abruptly, all the previous efforts can also go in vain if digital assets like websites are not monitored and optimized periodically.

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