Transparent Growth Measurement (NPS)

The Business – Is a mental health and well-being company which is helping people by providing psychotherapy.

The Focus to revolutionize the mental health space. A lot of people are facing mental health issues and they don’t even know about it, the ones who do very rarely take steps to cure them. The motto of the company is to help people with mental health issues and raise awareness among the masses to take steps to improve it.

Brand USP

One problem that people face when it comes to therapy is pricing. Therapy is charged on a per session basis, as in; if the per session fee is Rs 2500 someone has 4 one-hour long sessions, he/she will be charged Rs.10,000. This is quite a big chunk of money considering most patients need more than 6-7 sessions. wants to change the spectrum and is offering therapy for less than Rs 1,000.

The success of the brand also depends upon the quality of the therapist and has a thorough system to select therapists.

What’s Working

The business is working in a freemium model. The first therapy session is provided at a 90% discount or free, and then once the customer has the experience they can go for taking any plan. team is creating content on Instagram through reels and getting organic traffic from the youtube channel.

There are 4 plans,

Plan Number of Session Cost per Session Pricing
1 1 1,000 1,000
2 4 800 3,200
3 8 700 5,600
4 12 600 7,200

What Needs Fixing

The brand is developing a category for itself as there are not many startups focusing on the same. focuses on the Indian audience. The problem is the prevalent stereotype in the society and reluctance of common people to focus on mental health. The brand needs awareness and urges people to take steps towards the betterment of their mental health.

The upGrowth Challenge

Goal – Hit a revenue of Rs 5,00,000 a month in 4 months

  • As the marketing strategist what is the size of the addressable market in India
  • Share persona for top 4 customer segments
  • Make 2 virality marketing campaigns to spread awareness
  • Strategise 1 conversion campaign for getting sales
  • Suggest an upsell strategy for people who have taken the first session and now you want them to upgrade to paid therapy plan
  • What will you do to ensure existing customers spread the word through user-generated content
  • Total marketing budget is Rs. 50,000 which will increase 20% month on month

How to Participate

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