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How We Increased The Average Order Value By 250% For Kemberly Home Collection

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Lifestyle businesses have one main agenda: growth coupled with sales. And the most effective way to profitability is to generate as many sales as possible on economic advertising budgets and spends. Such was the case with our client Kemberly Home Collection, looking to boost orders over one month.

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Identified Challenges

Kemberly Home Collection was already selling on Amazon. As with any Amazon fashion store, they were facing immense competition, both organically & through paid campaigns, leading to wastage of time, money and efforts.

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Empathy, Research, Brain Storming & Plan

When XOOX approached upGrowth, the goal was simple & daunting. We needed to increase the average order value while keeping the ACoS at the minimum possible level. To solve the problem, we built a multifaceted yet scalable strategy which would serve the client on a long-term basis.


Here’s a look at what we did as part of our holistic, long-term Amazon PPC strategy:

  • At the product level, we asked the client to create bundles of different sheets, which they did immediately.
  • We decided to offer discounts on purchasing even a single bed sheet.
  • We made sure that we bid on every available campaign/targeting type.
  • We adjusted the ad bids with respect to the keyword level ACoS/sales to keep the costs as low as possible without affecting efficiency.
  • After identifying the correlation between Amazon PPC & organic sales, we optimisedthe product listing with the paid keywords.
  • We also generated awareness about the brand through Sponsored Brand campaigns.
  • We did extensive experimentation and A/B testing with different keyword match types to ensure that we had the right one.


By offering different product bundles & discounts coupled with highly targeted PPC campaigns, we were able to increase the average order value of Kemberly Home Collection by more than 250%.

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Increased The Average Order Value

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